When my person comes home late,

and I have the choice:

to curl into sleep I know is good

or into their arms and conspiratorial

whispers, I almost always forget

the tired days, my solemn vow

to crawl into dreams as soon as I can.

In the face of the vows we keep

together. I am forgetting

how it felt to be lonesome

first and foremost. I am able

to get by with fewer dreams

now that I am not all longing.

Wanting a Puppy

and knowing better.

And still wanting it.

I resort to walking alone

to the dog park.

I borrow children’s stuffed animals

and ask them to play pretend.

I try to convince friends with dogs

to go on vacation where they can’t take their dogs.

I keep myself from animal shelters.

You nuzzle it, you buy it.