An old banana and an avocado can be rescued

if you catch them in time, change expectations.

They say you never get back a wasted day.

I wonder what grows best in idleness.

Learning to Be Gentle with Yourself

is like walking the pointer pup I would borrow
when I needed to not be my own master.

His habit of reassembling trees branch by lost branch,
needing to drag each one in his mouth.

Sniffing out anything that could be surprised.

Chasing whatever he could make move.

While I wanted to drag him the quick route home.

“Gentle,” I would tell him. “Gentle, Gus.”

2-Door 4-Door

Your driver’s side door handle quits working again

and you decide you’d better go give a pint of blood before you start thinkin this matters.

You’ll only be embarrassed of what you don’t have

if you start thinkin those things matter.