This is my poem:


Poems are supposed to make you see things differently.

Voting is good for you.

Poems are supposed to get you to slow down and consider something you wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

I bet you would be smarter, more handsome, and make more money if you voted. (Actually, that last one…)

People are taught to read a poem and answer the question “What is it about?”

Remember how your parents wanted you to eat your green beans because of the starving children in India? You’re really very lucky you can vote.

Wanting a Puppy

and knowing better.

And still wanting it.

I resort to walking alone

to the dog park.

I borrow children’s stuffed animals

and ask them to play pretend.

I try to convince friends with dogs

to go on vacation where they can’t take their dogs.

I keep myself from animal shelters.

You nuzzle it, you buy it.