My Kitchen Love Song

I wrote this love song for ukulele when I was single and hopeful. I took the photos one morning when none of my roommates were home. (Years later, my love song came true.)

Poem for a new baby

A lo-fi poem video welcoming a new baby into the world. With my guitar cover of “My Girl.”


Call Me Ishmael

Driving somewhere between Louisiana and Michigan; between grad school, AmeriCorps, and life after. Reciting the opening lines of Moby Dick from memory.

Tiny Poem Book

I made this poem, tiny book, and video in 1 hour, back in 2013. It was inspired by a friend’s scrapfiction 1-hour short story challenges. The story was called “Gap.” The poem is about timelessness, women, and cats. It lacks production quality, but I had a great time.